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TRIRIGA and Maximo

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TRIMax 2017 Optional Training Day for TRIRIGA and Maximo

Friday, December 1, 8:00am-3:00pm

(Training limited to Clients only)


COST:  $125 per person, per class


COST:  $125 per person, per class

Internal Support TIPS & TRICKS

Training Led by: 


Recommended Audience: Client associates providing support and performing deployments.


TRIRIGA provides powerful System Administration functionality to assist client support teams in providing support and performing deployments.  Join us for TIPS AND TRICKS for using the TRIRIGA Data Query Tool and log files to help identify and troubleshoot issues.  Our training will assist you in gaining an understanding of the TRIRIGA Administration Console and Architecture as well as Proactive Monitoring and Alerts.  By the end of training you will be able to perform data loads and perform bulk data edits.  Gain a firm understanding of the System Administration tools available along with help from TIPS AND TRICKS to ensure the ongoing success of your TRIRIGA implementation.


·       Data Query Tool

o   Includes SQL for Identifying and Troubleshooting Issues

·       Platform Logging to Research Root Causes

o   Custom Logging

o   Debugging Logs

o   Performance Analysis

o   Tools & Processes for Effectively Managing Log Files

·       TRIRIGA Administration Console

o   Settings & Tuning for Specific Use Cases

o   Agents

o   Threads

o   Workflow Settings

o   Performance Monitoring

·       Data Loading & Bulk Edits

·       Managing Deployments

·       Proactive Application Monitoring & Alerts

·       Environment Architecture

o   Application Servers

o   Process Servers

o   BIRT Reporting Server

o   AutoCAD/Integration Servers

Getting Started with Maximo BIRT Reporting


Training Led by:  ValuD

Need to jump start your Maximo BIRT reporting skills? 


Join Maximo veteran Rob Fitzgerald as he shares the fundamentals of creating a BIRT report and importing into Maximo, as well as a few tips along the way. 

Key areas:


  • Do's and don'ts of report design layout
  • Use of basic fundamental SQL (Standard Query Language) techniques
  • How to create a BIRT report and deploy it to Maximo

Inventory Costing for Rotating Assets:  Let’s clear up the mess!

Training Led by:  Aquitas

Trainer:  Gina Leonard

Presentation Abstract:  Did you know there is an additional costing method for rotating assets in Maximo 7.5 and higher?  Have you updated your inventory records to reflect your “real” rotating asset costs?  In this session, we will cover the costing types and help you make an informed decision on what costing method to use for your rotating items and other items in our storeroom

Presenter Bio/Summary:  Gina Leonard brings 25+ years of maintenance experience and a strong background in the natural gas utility industry. As a former user of Maximo, she gives a hands-on perspective of customer needs related to Maximo. Throughout her career, she has seen both the simple time consuming effects, as well as the catastrophic impacts that bad data can impart on a company’s journey to improve their maintenance operations – whether they were managing store rooms with 100 skus or 100,000. She will provide a down to earth, sometimes in your face, realistic approach to the problems with managing your data and a practical way to move forward. Quickly after joining PSDI/MRO Software in 2000, she quickly became the company’s most sought after Maximo trainer/advisor. Over her career she has worked with well over 250+ organizations on their use of Maximo. Whether it was teaching how to use, implement or configure Maximo or redesigning business processes, Gina has been able to assist customers in making the most of their Maximo investment. While at IBM she took on the role as Maximo Supply Chain Offering Manager where she specifically worked internally and with customers on improving Maximo’s supply chain functionality. Gina joined Aquitas Solutions in 2015 as a Principal Consultant and has currently been deployed for a 21-month implementation of a 9-site food manufacturing corporation. She is serving as Functional Lead for the project.

TRIRIGA Advanced Logging & Troubleshooting Techniques

Training Led by:  JLL

Trainer:  Chris Ellis, VP | TRIRIGA Technical Service, JLL

Goal: To teach the specialized techniques on how to troubleshoot advanced TRIRIGA system issues, how to use the provided tools to record verbose logging for TRIRIGA and how to manipulate the data produced for analysis. 

Draft syllabus

o   System Architecture & Infrastructure – Where to start

o   Application Server Logging

o   Database Server Monitoring

o   TRIRIGA Application Platform

-        Data Troubleshooting – Understanding the Spaghetti 

-        Platform & System Metrics Logging

-        Workflow Analysis Utility

-        Analyzing Large Log Files

IBM TRIRIGA- Under the Hood

Training Led by:  Serco

Presentation Abstract/Summary: Attendees will leave this course with a clear understanding of the intricate parts that make up TRIRIGA.  Rob’s style of presenting will turn confusing into simple as you cover the following topics with an optional 1 hour lab afterwards:

  • Servers and Architecture: what is needed and why
  • Storing Data: how is data stored and how is it used
  • Platform Builder Tools: how to use the tools and why
  • Upgrades: Understanding the process and what to consider
  • Integrations: Examples and tools to make things easier
  • Performance: Dependencies, issues and improvements

What people said about the course last year: "Great class.  Packed in a ton of information...great instructor"; "really planned well to give high level details clearly to get big picture"; "Class was very thorough.  Enjoyed the labs."


Presenter Biography Summary: As a Senior Technology Software Engineer with Serco, Rob has over 15 years of experience as a FacilityCenter 8i/TRIRIGA 9/IBM TRIRIGA 10 Certified Application Developer and 17 years in the facilities management industry specializing in Workplace Management Systems.  Robs thorough understanding of TRIRIGA has allowed him the privilege of serving such high-profile government and corporate clients as the Smithsonian Institution, EPA, Fairfax County, Wells Fargo, Capital One, Department of State, Federal Bureau of Investigation, DCAA, and the Library of Congress.

2 courses for the price of 1:

Project Management for Facilities Management

Training Led by:  Total Resource Management – 3 hour training

Trainer:  John Reeve

Presentation Abstract:  Every facility and institution has a need for project tracking. All project managers should have the capability to easily manage scope, status schedule and track cost. This is especially important when the stakeholders want to know why a project slipped and/or costs overran. Project management typically involves a work breakdown schedule, deliverables, cost accounts for storing budgets/actuals, and a project schedule. This seminar will discuss the ideal model for project management so that you can maximize the software you have and make more informed decisions.

Work Bundling for Facilities Management

Training Led by:  Total Resource Management – 3 hour training

Trainer:  John Reeve

Presentation Abstract:  Some organizations have a large number of buildings to manage. It’s possible to have a large maintenance backlog which includes routine work, defect tracking and deferred maintenance. The task of managing all of this can be challenging. How do you come up with a fair prioritization scheme? Do we have all the data we need for reporting in one system; is that feasible? Is it the right data? Are we able to identify the worst building or even the worst asset? What would be the ideal method for capturing failure data? Should some buildings have annual maintenance periods where work can be bundled together to maximize resources and minimize customer impact?

Presenter Bio/Summary:  John Reeve was the 2nd consultant hired by the company that invented Maximo. He spent the first 10 years as an international consultant in project management involving scheduling systems and cost management. The following 20 years focused on Maximo software and asset management system design. As a certified reliability leader, he is a frequently sought after speaker. His credentials include 12,000 LinkedIn followers, 100 postings on industry best practices, numerous trade magazine articles, and, a soon to be released book, Failure Modes to Failure Codes. He also has a U.S Patent in maintenance scheduling for an “order of fire” design. He can comfortably discuss all types of schedules and cost tracking design for any industry. His combined knowledge in both project management and asset management make him unique in the consulting field.


New Capabilities of TRIRIGA FASB/IASB Advanced Lease Accounting

Training Led by:  ValuD

TRIRIGA 10.5.3 delivers critical new functionalities and enhancements that allow you to accelerate FASB/IASB compliance.  New capabilities help you streamline your lease accounting processes, improve controllership with better defined responsibilities, address data accuracy, and provide for segregation of duties.


Join ValuD’s hands-on training as Kirk Howcroft takes you through:


  • Lease Administrator activities
  • Lease Accountant activities
  • Set up and use of lease accounting fields
  • Payment types