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2016 TRIMax Presentations

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Please see below the abstracts for all the TRIMax presentations to see what was presented.

Skookum’s use of Maximo: Creating Efficiencies & Opportunities Supporting the Mission

Skookum is an AbilityOne non-profit company providing total facility maintenance services at multiple locations including our flagship installation at Army Base, Ft. Lee, VA. Our scope of services range from grounds to complete building maintenance.  Oh by the way, our workforce are disabled adults.  We installed Maximo as our work management system in 2012 initially at White Sands Missile Range and then at Ft Lee, VA.  We utilize a fully integrated mobile version to support daily work management. By using these tools, we have enabled our work force to greatly improve their productivity positioning Skookum for additional work. Because of this we have grown our agreement at Ft. Lee by 40% alone.


Supply Chain Transformation Program at Department of Veterans Affairs

How do you transform the Enterprise Supply Chain in the second largest government agency? We will be discussing the challenges facing the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the solutions, as it attempts to fundamentally transform and modernize it’s Supply Chain Operations as part of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs “Breakthrough Initiatives” that resulted from the exhaustive Congressional Commission on Care report of 2015. Congress established the Commission on Care, charging it to examine veterans’ access to Department of Veterans Affairs health care and to examine strategically how best to organize the Veterans Health Administration, locate health resources, and deliver health care to veterans during the next 20 years.


Alamo Colleges Pushes Maximo Further Centralizing Asset Management Campus-wide

Alamo consists of over 5M SF of space spread across a 30 mile radius. The college implemented Maximo years ago to manage and maintain their assets and buildings. However, they knew the solution could be doing more and demonstrated that by expanding Maximo throughout the maintenance organization which allowed them to  centralize systems and streamline processes. Alamo is now eliminating complexities and costs involved with managing a disparate infrastructure, setting the stage for the full range of Maximo capabilities via consistent maintenance processes to manage critical and non-critical asset inventories.  In spite of challenges like an aging workforce and budget constraints, Alamo continues to find new ways to automate and manage additional SF and assets.


Hydrite Standardizes Process to Improve Compliance with IBM Maximo

Hydrite is one of the largest providers of chemicals in the US. They supply ingredients which improve food’s taste, quality and safety. As avid Maximo users, the company launched a multi-year initiative to standardize disparate SQRA Processes across their plants, improving safety and effectiveness. Once complete Hydrite will be able to evaluate process performance between sites and establish safety and improvement KPIs upon which all sites can improve. This comprehensive initiative is addressing facility compliance tasks (inspections (SF029xx), permits, reports, and licenses), hazard recognition reporting (HRR), change management, incident reporting and investigation and internal and external audit corrective action tracking.


Managing Green Infrastructure Assets using Maximo Anywhere at DC Water 
Under the current Long Term Control Plan (LTCP), DC Water implemented Green Infrastructure (GI) Assets at DC Water facilities to reduce the volume of stormwater entering the sewer system. These GI Assets were designed to capture precipitation from at least 90% of the storms in an average year.  GI Assets replicates natural processes by capturing, slowing, and cleaning stormwater before it enters the sewer system and provides additional Triple Bottom Line (TBL) benefits to the community.  Examples of GI technologies include bioretention, permeable pavement, green roofs, & rain barrels.  DC Water needed a way to manage its maintenance of these GI Assets in the field with a mobile technology and identified IBM’s Maximo Anywhere as a piloting solution.  In cooperation with IBM and TRM, using the Anywhere Builder, Maximo Anywhere was installed and customized to provide an easy to use mobile application by the maintenance crews to download, complete and record maintenance work orders as well as to keep details of the GI Assets up to date.


How Automated Purchasing & Inventory Improve Productivity at Herman Miller

Follow the Journey of a typical Maximo Inventory item as it is created, ordered from the Reorder Processes, added to a Purchase Requisition RFQ, sent to vendor for quote, updated back in Maximo, approved by Management, PO created, PO Received, and then issuing the Item with our RF hand held units in real time. This process is all automated through various customizations and Maximo Integrations interfaces using standard Maximo processes.   This presentation will demonstrate the power of Maximo and how processes can be automated to better utilize a limited staff.


Converting Maximo ACM from a Multi-site to a Single-site

Mr. Easton will be presenting an overview of what motivated M1 Support Services (M1) to convert to a single site configuration from multi-site configuration in Maximo ACM.    This presentation will include key factors that lead to the need for conversion relating to Meter tracking requirements, Preventive Maintenance actions, and movement of Assets.   Mr. Easton will also discuss some of the challenges that M1 and TRM encountered during the transition to single site configuration.   The final topic will be the improvement that M1 has seen to date for this move to a single site configuration.


Tying Incidents to Assets and Driving Safety Improvements with Maximo HSE

Nascote Industries was looking for a cost-effective way to improve their Health and Safety reporting and reduce unsafe acts and conditions. What they created was a near real-time reporting of health and safety data and “operationalized EHS” linking EHS to their assets by leveraging Maximo and a tailored version of Maximo HSE Manager. The Results: open communication of critical events and activities to the right people at the right time, quickly identify, contain and complete incident investigations, and eliminate the complex tracking of worker’s compensation and regulatory reporting (state and federal). These efforts have saved Nascote time, money and improved collaboration within the organization


Maximo Worker Safety for High Risk Industries

This session will provide an overview of the current Maximo HSE Solution as well as a glimpse into our future Worker Health and Safety direction. It will include a demonstration of the recently released Maximo Incident Reporter mobile application for capturing Safety Observations and Hazard Reports. 


Optimizing Preventive Maintenance with Maximo Asset Health Insights

Using real time information from assets by itself may not always determine the best course of action.

Leveraging your asset data from Maximo such a as work history, age, remaining useful life, overdue PMs, and other factors can help provide you with insights to optimize your preventive maintenance program. This session will cover the concepts and new Maximo products in this area to help reduce PM workload and improve reliability at the same time.


The Power of Maximo in the Cloud

Many companies are making the switch from on-prem to Cloud both for its simplicity and its low up-front cost.  This session covers  IBM Maximo's full suite of software-as-a-service offerings, as well as some defined Services we have for moving customer to the Cloud.  So whether you're new to Maximo, or a current customer looking to move to cloud, come and learn about all IBM has to offer.


Empower your Mobile Workforce with Maximo Anywhere

Maximo Anywhere provides a single-vendor mobile solution for improving productivity in the field, is designed for both connected and disconnected scenarios, and provides role-based mobile applications to perform work, asset and inventory related processes. We have come a long way with Maximo Anywhere and now offer a growing portfolio of Out of the Box Apps and a host of new platform features supported on all the major mobile OS.  This session will cover our product strategy, latest updates and our direction going forward followed by a live demo of the product. The demo will showcase several of the Out of the Box Anywhere applications, including Asset Audit, Issues Returns, Physical Count, Work Execution and more.


Planning your future with Maximo (Maximo Roadmap)

This session will provide insight into the strategic direction of Maximo. There will be a focus on the next year’s deliverables across the portfolio, including areas such as asset health, mobility and business intelligence.


Organize Work Based on Priority, Resources and Assets with Maximo Scheduler

Maximo Scheduler provides Planners and Schedulers access to critical factors needed for the creation of an accurate meaningful work schedule. It also accommodates the needs of the Supervisors, Dispatchers, and the Field Technician in an effort to streamline the entire Maximo work management process. This session will provide an overview of Maximo Scheduler, cover what's new in the latest 7.6.4 release, as well as the future direction of the solution. Attendees will also learn about the forthcoming Maximo Scheduler Plus, a more advanced work management solution that helps manage complex projects like turnarounds and plant shutdowns, integrates weather data with Maximo planning/scheduling/dispatching, and enables you to more productively manage your field work force with its new dynamic dispatching and appointment booking capabilities


Gain better insight into your asset data- where it be a point asset or a linear asset through spatial mapping and mobility

Mapping enhances your level of awareness and insight.  Adding spatial mapping capabilities to a mobile device not only improves efficiency but accuracy as well.  This session will demonstrate how users can easily and dynamically visualize spatial relationships among assets from water hydrants to roads and pipelines.


Transformative Maximo Support: Making Every Client Successful

This session will share the vision IBM has for supporting clients now and into the future.  It will include best practices for engaging support, as well as an understanding of what "support" really means.  We will share IBM methodologies and elicit feedback on support experiences. All Maximo clients and perspective clients are encouraged to attend this valuable, interactive session.


Moving to Maximo 7.6; the Installation and Upgrade Process

This session will cover the upgrade process and show the new Maximo 7.6 installation


Experience Maximo in a new way! Introducing new work centers that enables key business users to take control of their work and priorities

Using new Work Centers, you can access and complete daily tasks in an innovative user interface.  Work Centers contain new process-focused mechanisms to perform Maximo business tasks. These mechanisms provide access to system data and allow you to complete daily tasks in one central location.  


Maximo and Watson Analytics

Analyzing the vast amounts of data that IBM Maximo collects is key to a successful enterprise solution.   This session will introduce Watson Analytics, the newest Cognitive component to the Maximo Analytics Portfolio.  Detailed information and demonstrations of Watson will be provided, along with information on what makes Watson unique and how you can get started using Watson in your Maximo environment - today!


Complement your Maximo investment with Predictive Maintenance to improve asset availability and reliability

As the Internet of Things (IOT) continues to grow at an expansive rate, so does the availability and amount of asset data. We will discuss how complementing IBM Maximo with Predictive Maintenance and Quality (PMQ) provides a more detailed and accurate understanding of asset performance to help optimize maintenance schedules and resources, accelerate time to repair, and further increase asset reliability and availability.  We will explore the value of PMQ and its Cognitive capabilities, as well as the appropriate use cases for PMQ and Maximo, and how incorporating both solutions can advance you further along the Asset Performance value chain.


Maximo 7.6 Integration Framework (MIF) - New Features: JSON API and Federated Resource

With release, the MIF now provides a RESTful JSON API to manage Maximo data using JSON data. This session will introduce you to the API  and show how you can query, create and update

Maximo data. With release, the MIF provides the Federated Resource feature which allows you to configure Maximo to represent external JSON data as an MBO in order to view in an application

or have a process, such as a Workflow or Escalation, use that external data.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) values for owners and operations

With rapid worldwide BIM(Building Information Modelling) adoption, more owners and operators are taking advantage of the BIM data in operation and maintenance cycle of their assets. This session will cover an overview of the BIM values for owners and operators. See how the use of BIM in Maximo improves communication, cost and efficiencies in end-to-end life cycle management of your assets.


PNC Bank’s Next Generation TRIRIGA

PNC embarked on their TRIRIGA initiative in 2011. Over the past five years they have implemented Lease Administration, Space and Move Management and the service elements of the Operations and Maintenance module. PNC is planning on installing a TRIRIGA upgrade to 10.5 to leverage the new FASB lease capabilities. A gap assessment by PNC’s business partner of three years, EBusiness, is underway to evaluate PNC’s current environment and the quality of data in preparation for the Lease/FASB TRIRIGA upgrade/implementation. The discussion will cover PNC’s journey to install TRIRIGA, review their best practices, discuss lessons learned and talk about the roadmap ahead for future TRIRIGA plans.


Cognitive Buildings – Life and Work of the future.

Cognitive IoT enables buildings to learn how people use them, their preferences, how this influences energy consumption and the performance of assets. Based on this knowledge the building can optimize individual comfort and energy consumption. Operation and maintenance teams are informed in relation to asset health and condition. The talk will introduce how Cognitive technologies from machine learning to augmented reality enable scalable solutions that will change how we see and interact with our buildings.


This talk will be further enhanced through the live demonstration of the Cognitive Campus Operations demo, which is a large scale Cognitive IoT demonstrator in IBM Dublin. It showcases the new possibilities arising from large scale IoT systems to create immersive and cognitive campus operations. The demo combines the newest IBM IoT and IBM Research technologies, delivering a cognitive operations solution that will drive predictive operation. The session will discuss the goals and business cases and explain how IBM Cognitive IoT technologies will enhance the functionality of  Maximo and TRIRIGA.


Picking Up the Pace in Lease Management – Utilizing the Power of the IBM TRIRIGA RE Transaction Plan

When first implementing the IBM TRIRIGA IWMS system, you crawl, over time you begin to walk, and eventually you pick up the pace and run.  There is power in the RE Transaction Plan.  Creating lease/buy scenarios within a Transaction Plan provides confidence that a leasing recommendation or decision is based on weighted requirement criteria, detailed financial data and side-by-side comparison.  Power comes from seeing expected growth and intended purpose that can be tracked in the transaction plan - providing comparable and relevant financial summaries.  When a winning scenario is selected, data and financial information flows directly into a Lease Abstract or Owned Property Fee Agreement.  IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate maintains rejected scenarios so they can be reconsidered or reused at a future date.  Transamerica and their IBM Partner BRG, re-implemented the Real Estate Module back to out-of-box and fully implemented the RE Transaction Plan to create documented and auditable prospective leasing transactions and financial summaries.


Configuration efforts to support cultural resource management

The integration of historic property data into TRIRIGA, including reports and eligibility determinations,  was identified by CBP leadership as a priority project.  The Cultural Resources in TRIRIGA (CRIT) effort was designed to address how CBP manages its real property historic resources.  The functionality complies with Section 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) requirements and DHS Directive 0017-01, which requires agencies to actively manage historic properties and data in an auditable format.

CRIT has enabled CBP to provide a much more accurate picture of the historic properties within its portfolio.  At the property level, CRIT contains an overview of all historic resource information available on a given property.  CBP Project Managers and Environmental Specialists are able to quickly identify potential planning issues in the early stages of a project. There are potential cost and time savings for the agency when existing survey data or determinations are identified for a property.  This has led to an increase in CBP’s ability to effectively and efficiently deliver real property solutions to CBP agents and facility managers.

US Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Engraving and Printing Expand Federal Real Property Profile (FRPP) Reporting with IBM TRIRIGA

Executive Order (EO) 13327 was created to promote efficient and economical use of the Federal Government’s real property assets. Federal Real Property Profile (FRPP) reporting is required by all Federal Agencies. A reporting database containing the FRPP data elements is maintained by the Federal Government and the General Services Administration (GSA) evaluates agencies on how well they report these data elements. Frustrating this effort is that these data elements are frequently changing and this makes it increasingly difficult for the agencies to keep up.


TRIRIGA across the Enterprise: A Multi-Implementation Experience (The TRIRIGA Trifecta)

Wayne County Airport Authority (the Authority) is moving from a highly manual, tower focused set of tools to a more Enterprise System based technology set. One key element of the enterprise strategy is the implementation of two (2) TRIRIGA modules, Capital Projects Management, and Real Estate Management, for three (3) very different departments/projects; Construction & Alteration Permits, Real Estate, and Facilities Design & Construction. Each TRIRIGA project included a detailed business process review, adaptation of process to incorporate best practices, and a specific level of system enhancement to meet Authority specific requirements. Several departments also required integration with other systems or information sources.  Over the course of nearly 2 years, we have accomplished quite a bit, and learned a bit more. Some of the lessons applied to each department, while others related to gaining support and process integration across departments. We will review major successes, interesting technical solutions, challenges overcome, and discuss those issues we are still struggling to overcome.


UK MoD Transforms Using IBM TRIRIGA

Learn how the UK MoD Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) has transformed via its implementation of IBM TRIRIGA over the past 4 years - growing from a legacy of over 70 disparate and unconnected systems to a single, system covering all the major functions of this global organisation with an annual budget of over $5bn.

An Internet of Things (IoT) Approach to Real Estate and Facilities Management

For the last few years, RESO has used the IBM TRIRIGA Energy Management Module (TREES) to gain a new level of visibility into what’s going on in our buildings. TREES is a higher level of software integrated with our building management system (BMS) and has been deployed at our highest energy consuming buildings. To date, our focus has been on generating alerts that help us predict and avoid data center failures or tell us where there are opportunities to save energy. These alerts often result in smarter ways to conduct equipment maintenance as well. The goal has been to optimize assets, lower costs, and identify comfort issues long before employees feel the impact.  During this session, I will discuss how we continue to expand our focus on optimizing assets and efficiency, we are now expanding our coverage of building performance metrics. We are doing this in conjunction with our Watson ecosystem partners, deployment of sensor technology and IoT data integration technologies.


With IoT sensors, we are able to monitor building conditions at the point of use. We are also able to measure how our space is being utilized to inform better ways to conduct maintenance and improve upon future space designs. Our goal is to enrich the employee experience in our buildings making them more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced.


FedEx Creates Single Global Database for Lease Accounting Compliance

In 2010, FedEx was looking for a consolidated system to manage its lease accounting in anticipation of the changes that the FASB and IASB were discussing. The biggest challenge was that separate Operating Companies (“OpCos”) were using different systems, and no two utilized the same processes. The systems were both commercially available and internally developed. FedEx chose TRIRIGA to be its system of record for global lease accounting, but still had a big challenge: Data.   The lease implementation project began in 2013, using a serial approach to integrating each of the OpCos. The presentation will explain how FedEx made the choices it did, and share best practices for creating a centralized global lease accounting system in TRIRIGA.


IBM Tririga and GIS at Smithsonian

Smithsonian has a ten year history of GIS integration with Tririga.  The integration began with Autodesk MapGuide and transitioned to Esri ArcGIS Server.  Today Smithsonian has an intuitive GIS application known as SI Explorer that provides maps, floorplans and Tririga data to all network account holders.  Our initial GIS focus “inside the walls” was very atypical.  SI Explorer continues to grow and in 2016 we have increased the “outside the walls” scope to include underground utilities.  This presentation will provide background on Smithsonian’s GIS integration including technology, design approach, lessons learned and future plans.  A functional demonstration of SI Explorer will be provided.

Collection Space Management at Smithsonian

Smithsonian is a unique organization and it is no surprise that the approach to space management is unique.  This presentation will discuss our implementation of Tririga to assess and manage space specifically as it relates to Smithsonian’s Collections.  Smithsonian has assesses each space that contains the 130 million objects in our Collections.  These assessments determine the suitability of the space to host the specific collection.  The output of this exercise is a profile of space conditions and recommendations facility investments. 


TRIRIGA Analytics – Waking the sleeping tiger

The Smithsonian Institution has a robust TRIRIGA implementation of functionality across the various modules.  But our reporting had become stale and typically focused on transactional data.  Linking our analytics initiative unleashes untapped potential in the system and finally unlocks the ROI we expected and more. Come hear about our evolving strategy for integrating analytics into facility management processes.  The session will cover our approach to developing visualizations as well as several small use cases that are under development – understanding the need, unique challenges to overcome with TRIRIGA data, and how we have teased out key insights from the data.


Getting the Most Out of TRIRIGA through Training Initiatives

Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) leverages a two-tiered training model to promote end-user proficiency and high application availability. Internal, customized end-user training focuses on immediate requirements with special attention given to optimizing personal experiences within TRIRIGA. Internal user groups identify potential initiatives, which are then vetted to discern the most impactful topics for the end-user. These topics are then distilled into a collection of hand-outs, video vignettes, and in-class instruction to introduce and reinforce concepts. The results include faster user adoption, increased data fidelity, and drastic reductions in calls to the helpdesk.   SPPS utilizes TRIRIGA for portfolio management, service request management, facility assessment, project management, and other customized applications. Through training and continuing education the District continues to identify new initiatives at a rapid pace.


How do you bring the Building to Life

This session will focus upon the challenges and opportunities related to IoT and the impact that IoT

has upon the real estate market and services we deliver. We will introduce a new Cognitive IoT that enables us to learn from, and infuse intelligence into, the physical world to transform business and enhance the human experience.  Innovative organisations are putting Internet of Things to work to achieve real outcomes around boosting operating efficiencies, transforming the customer experience, and disrupting their industry.  Pay attention to this Internet of Things explosion or else your company could be Uber-ized.


Perceptive Facilities Workplace & Workforce Productivity

Workplace of the Future (WoF) - Tremendous forces are radically reshaping the world of work as we know it. This thought provoking session will examine the Future of Work; the opportunities and challenges that are converging and accelerating to create entirely new work behaviors and workplace platforms that will impact enterprise and real estate performance.   Join this session to learn about creating an engaging workplace for your employee.


TRIRIGA in the Cloud


Learn more about TRIRIGA Software as a Service (SaaS) and the new subscription options available.


Transformative TRIRIGA Support: Making Every Client Successful

This session will share the vision IBM has for supporting clients now and into the future.  It will include best practices for engaging support, as well as an understanding of what "support" really means.  We will share IBM methodologies and elicit feedback on support experiences. All TRIRIGA clients and perspective clients are encouraged to attend this valuable, interactive session.


TRIRIGA Watson Analytics

 Watson Analytics offers you the benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity. A smart data discovery service available on the cloud, Watson Analytics guides data discovery, automates predictive analytics and enables effortless dashboard creation.  With the ability to seamlessly push TRIRIGA data directly into Watson Analytics, learn how IBM is working to enable TRIRIGA business users to get answers and new insights to make confident decisions in minutes—all on their own.


TRIRIGA UX Framework Deep Dive

This session will be a technical deep dive into the new UX Framework of the TRIRIGA platform. We will discuss the framework, current status and roadmap, and demonstrate application development examples.


TRIRIGA Application Platform New Features

This session will cover the latest new features introduced in the platform over the past year with the 3.5 and 3.5.1 releases. We will also provide a preview into upcoming features, as well as solicit feedback.


TRIRIGA High Availability with Liberty Collectives

In this session, attendees will see first hand the mechanics of setting up a high availability system using Websphere Liberty and Collectives.  We will cover session replication, fail over, and dynamic balancing.




Unleashing the underlying power and configurability of Anywhere using Anywhere Builder

 Join TRM to see a live demo of Anywhere Builder. You’ll see how you can quickly build intelligent mobile forms for your remote users to connect to IBM Maximo.  Anywhere Builder takes Maximo Anywhere to the next level by unleashing the underlying power and configurability of Anywhere through a simple drag-and-drop editor.


What Does Good Look Like?

Ever wonder what “good looks like”?  Maximo has a number of great reporting and analytic tools including Query Based Reporting, BIRT, KPI’s, Cognos, and Watson Analytics.  However, none of these tools directly connect an organizations’ EAM business process performance to corporate objectives. Performance management focuses on the health of key business processes to ensure outcomes align with organizational objectives. Cohesive’s Propel is an out-of-the-box (pre-defined) continuous process improvement framework for Maximo that goes beyond dashboards and KPIs to actively manage and improve EAM performance.  Cohesive will describe and show how Propel™ helps you see “What Good Looks Like!”


Define, communicate, and track your Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) goals with Maximo HSE+ 

How well do you track and manage safety incidents? Could you benefit from automating the HSE incidents and change management processes? Would you like to automatically print your OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 forms from Maximo? Introducing Maximo HSE+, an extension of IBM's Maximo Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Manager. The solution will integrate with your personnel system and your asset-related information, helping you achieve compliance, save time and gain a more complete grasp of management and reporting than is currently available in your Maximo system today. 


Designing Out of the Box: Using IBM's Design Thinking to improve delivery outcomes

Have you ever wondered what your user’s really needed to successfully adopt an application? Or how to make sure your program delivery meets strategic objectives? In a world where custom, intuitive applications are the norm, meeting user expectations and strategic objectives is often plagued with challenges and often times disappointed users. Join us as we review the concepts of IBM’s Design Thinking to address these challenges. Apply design thinking to application design and discuss how it can be scaled to address the long term needs of implementation programs. IBM’s Design Thinking can be used to improve your user acceptance, better align your program to your organization’s strategic goals, and deliver a truly essential TRIRIGA or Maximo experience.


Continuous improvement of the Maximo Enterprise critical to Success at National Park Service (PFMD System)

How do I fully integrate a full service Systems Integrator into my EAMS sustainment to optimize and improve my Maximo deployment?  This was the question challenging National Parks Service as their PFMD Maximo Solution was maturing and fully adopted across one of the Nation’s broadest and more complex enterprises.   Join Mike Seibert, Asset Management Program Branch Chief at NPS, and Paul Thielen, Interloc, as they discuss the continuous improvements to the PFMD (Maximo) EAM, including dynamic integration across the myriad of NPS and Department of Interior Enterprise Systems.  Learn how the NPS Enterprise has fully adopted Maximo for their Facilities Management, integrating with all other ERPs while deploying numerous Maximo applications to standardize, align, improve and enhance the user experience for NPS stakeholders.


Enterprise Mobility Demystified

Implementing a mobile system to fit your current workflow may seem like a difficult task. Even deciding where to begin may seem perplexing. Combined with 15 years of mobile experience, off-the- shelf capabilities, and easy to configure templates, DataSplice allows you to quickly implement a system that works the way your team does.   The platform and the architecture can satisfy basic and complex requirements through a single, intuitive user interface. This featurette will demonstrate insight and practical application of technology to use cases involving asset, inventory, and work management - with specific focus on the inspection process.

The power of TRIRIGA Value Adds and eCIFM’s On-The-Go Mobile Solution

This session will show the power of TRIRIGA Value Adds and Enhancements that have been created by eCIFM Solutions, a Gold Accredited IBM Business Partner. Our presentation will feature eCIFM’s new data migration tool, extensive offerings for Mobile and Application enhancements to TRIRIGA. The presentation will include demonstrations and the technical details users are looking for in order to understand the benefits each offering brings to their organization.

Lessons Learned with TRIRIGA’s UX Framework for Perceptive Applications

The IBM TRIRIGA UX Framework is a new feature of the 3.5 Platform and presents new opportunities and challenges in creating Perceptive Applications for TRIRIGA users.  This case study reviews the new capabilities in the Platform, the challenges encountered in developing new apps and a demonstration of apps built by EDI’s TRIRIGA experts.

Opportunities to Extend Your IBM TRIRIGA Solution and Better Align Corporate Strategy

Your IBM TRIRIGA solution is only one – all be it critical – component when it comes to aligning and optimizing your RE & Facilities organization with the central objectives of the larger enterprise.  Of course IBM TRIRIGA makes portfolio management, real estate transactions, and capital project initiatives easier but there are other factors to consider which can extended value and increase return on your technology investment to Federal Government, public sector, and global commercial companies.
This presentation will dive into additional opportunities to get more from the data your IBM TRIRIGA solution collects to drive real estate objectives and financial performance while at the same time aligning departmental goals with overarching corporate strategies including advanced workplace strategies, location strategies, structured consolidation strategies, and more.

How to increase TRIRIGA ROI through Advanced Technologies and Upgrade options

IBM TRIRIGA is an evolving software solution that offers organizations a platform to drive significant business ROI. In order to get the most out of TRIRIGA, each year ValuD invests 8% of its top line into TRIRIGA research and development. In this session, ValuD will share its lessons learned, best practices and innovations from more than 50 TRIRIGA projects and 7 years worth of TRIRIGA research and development.  ValuD will provide specific upgrade best practices with an eye towards how to get the most out of newer mobility and user experience (UX) framework technologies.  This session is intended for business users looking to get more from their IBM TRIRIGA systems and for technology personnel who support and maintain IBM TRIRIGA.

Reducing TRIRIGA’s Implementation Time and Improving User Adoption

In order to reduce the cost and time to implement an enterprise solution like TRIRIGA and increase user adoption out of the gate EBIZ has developed several execution strategies and tools. During this session, you will hear how these strategies and tools can assist in reducing the time to implement by improving the data migration, setup and configuration data process, reducing the time to extend existing TRIRIGA functionality and increase user adoption, with the classical approach or with the modern User Interface (UI) using the UX framework and drastically reduce the time implement while providing a robust architecture capability for integrations.

Data Bounty Hunters- A Presentation of How to Easily Monitor Large Amounts of Data in TRIRIGA 

Do you ever wonder where all your migrated data goes in the TRIRIGA application?  Would you like to know more about monitoring data, finding errors and fixing them?  Come hear about Serco’s custom built portal created to answer questions just like those.  

A Data Transfer Object (DTO) landing page is a custom built home portal that displays all data coming into TRIRIGA. It allows users to monitor the status and location of all data being loaded into the TRIRIGA application. Furthermore, it identifies issues with data loads which can then be researched in more detail by an end-user.  During this technical presentation, we will discuss data issues that we’ve realized with our customers, and demonstrate how our custom built portal could be the solution you’re looking for.


Adapting TRIRIGA Operations module to minimize User Training and improved Data Validation for a large Public Entity.

Gilbane FM Services has been working with a large local government for the past year to implement a customized TRIRIGA Operations module. It was determined early in the project to achieve the following goals: (1) modify the objects, screens, workflows to conform to their existing business processes; (2) develop the user interface to reduce user training and increase user acceptability; (3) enhance the data validation processes during input to minimize user input errors and increase the value of the data in the Maintenance Operations database. Come see the results of this implementation and see if it spurs any innovative ideas for your use of the TRIRIGA application.


Shifting from Mobile Computing to Mobile Engagement with FieldFLEX Mobile for TRIRIGA

The idea of mobile has firmly established itself as an alternative to deskbound computing in the corporate enterprise.  However, as companies continue to untether their workers from their desks, they are looking for unique and creative ways to keep their employees connected with the workplace, find efficiencies, and increase employee engagement using mobile software.  

See how FieldFLEX Mobile is driving the shift from enterprise mobile computing to mobile engagement with their suite of robust mobile apps for TRIRIGA.  Talk to FieldFLEX professionals about increasing mobile software adoption, automating remote worker activities, democratizing corporate workplace data, and connecting the mobile user with the built environment.  Learn how FieldFLEX Mobile products can build a compelling ROI to support your mobile strategy.


Rethinking Processes to Adapt to the New Lease Accounting Changes

Jackson Cross Partners, LLC (“JCP”) has been assisting corporate clients in preparing for the new lease accounting standards, published by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) in December, 2015 as IAS 17, and by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) in February 2016 as ASC 842.   Most companies have understandably focused on the effort to comply with the new changes in time for the initial application date. What has been less discussed is the internal processes and procedures that will be affected. Now that virtually all leases are going on the Balance Sheet, auditors and investors will more closely scrutinize those arrangements. Auditability and predictability will be key. Companies will need to evaluate the terms of their standard leases, decisions about likely term, executory authority, and preferred rent structures.  Please join JCP as they discuss how procedures might change for Real Estate, Finance, Accounting, Operations, Legal, IT, and financial reporting.


Data migration made easy using Deloitte’s Data Migration Helper

Data migration is one of the most common challenges that users of TRIRIGA face because migrating invalid data can severely impede a company’s ability to successfully use TRIRIGA. Data migration can be particularly challenging for large companies that have multiple markets or geographies, each with their own lease database and complexities.   In this session, Jean Chick will discuss and demo the Deloitte Data Migration Helper that was developed for a global retailer and has helped this company significantly increase the accuracy and speed of data migration from multiple disparate systems into one TRIRIGA environment.

Jean will demo how the Helper integrates with Deloitte’s LeasePoint product which provides SaaS lease accounting and portfolio management based on TRIRIGA but with a new user interface and added functionality on top of base TRIRIGA